5 Top-Rated Yoga Studios in Plymouth, MA – Find Your Zen

Plymouth yoga classes

Ever found yourself in Plymouth, MA, trying to find the perfect yoga studio, only to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options?  Yeah, been there, done that.

But fear not! I’ve done the legwork (and the downward dogs) to bring you the lowdown on the five top-rated yoga studios in Plymouth. Let’s get right into it.

1. Hot Yoga 1620

Location: 2291 MA-3A

Hot Yoga 1620 is my absolute favorite hot yoga and hot pilates studio in Massachusetts. From the moment you step in, you’ll notice the abundance of natural wood – it’s like doing yoga inside a giant, cozy treehouse.

The bathroom is not just functional, it’s beautiful, and yes, there’s a shower. Need to freshen up after sweating buckets? They’ve got you covered. The studio itself is a cute little haven run by a super nice couple. You won’t find any bad vibes here, just positive energy and great people.

Every class is transformative, and there’s always something new to try. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the kombucha for sale. It’s like a refreshing reward for surviving the heat. Need a quick and effective workout? This place is your go-to.

I took my first several classes here before moving out of the area, and I still miss it. The owners? Absolutely awesome. They genuinely go out of their way to make everyone feel welcome. If you haven’t been to Hot Yoga 1620 yet, you’re missing out.

2. Studio Works Yoga & Pilates

Top yoga studios Plymouth MA

Location: 7 Herring Pond Rd

I recently checked out “Studio Works Yoga & Pilates,” a yoga studio conveniently located off the highway. First impression: the place looks stunning. They’ve clearly poured a lot of effort into making it look and feel welcoming.

But hey, looks aren’t everything, right? The space is huge, which is great because nobody wants to accidentally kick their neighbor while attempting a tree pose. It’s clean too, which I really appreciate. No weird smells or dusty corners here. Staff? Super attentive and knowledgeable.

They know their stuff and are always ready to help. The instructors are fantastic. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned yogi, you’ll find their instructions clear and helpful. Classes are varied and plentiful.

They’ve got everything: restorative yoga, weights, slow flow, and Pilates. They’re always adding new options, so there’s always something fresh to try. I love a good challenge, and this place definitely delivers.

3. Synergy Fitness and Wellness

Best yoga studios Plymouth

Location: 47 Main St

Synergy Fitness and Wellness yoga studio is a gem, truly. Classes are a fantastic blend of challenging and rejuvenating, always leaving me feeling like I’ve conquered Everest.  The heated classes? Absolute perfection. No, really. They nail the temperature every time.

I can take things at my own pace without feeling like everyone’s silently judging my downward dog. The instructors are top-notch. It’s clear they know their stuff and genuinely care about delivering a great experience.

Their effort shows in every class, making the whole ordeal feel worthwhile. Amenities? They’ve got you covered. Bottled water, filtered water, two bathrooms, and a gorgeous sitting area. They thought of everything. Parking is a breeze too, with plenty of spots on the side street. The downtown vibe is just the cherry on top.

4. Studio Uplift


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Location: 170 Water St

Studio Uplift: where pretentiousness goes to die. I mean, who would’ve thought a yoga studio could feel like a second home? But it does.  Jade, the owner, is basically the Mother Teresa of yoga. She doesn’t just hide in her office; she actually introduces herself to new members and checks in on them.

There are so many options when it comes to classes. Feel like breaking a sweat and try losing some weight? They’ve got you. Want to just lie on a mat and pretend you’re meditating? They’ve got that too.  And the atmosphere? Spotless. It’s almost annoyingly perfect. Cleanliness is clearly a priority, and the different lighting setups? Cozy as your grandma’s living room, minus the weird smell.

The instructors are all super welcoming and kind. You walk in stressed out, and walk out feeling like you just spent an hour in a Zen garden. If you’re looking for a place that’s more community than commodity, Studio Uplift is your spot. Just don’t blame me if you end up wanting to move in.

5. Ignite Barre and Fitness Studio

Location: 30 Golf Dr

If you’re in the market for a barre studio that also offers yoga and pound rockout workout, stop the search. Ignite Barre and Fitness Studio is where it’s at. Although I visit this place mostly for my workouts, it also has excellent yoga programs. Mallory and Layne, the owners? Absolute rock stars.

They designed the studio and made it feel like a home away from home. Their classes? Equal parts fun and “why did I think this was a good idea?” Seriously, their energy and dedication are insane. They put everything into making you regret that last donut, all while keeping a smile on their faces.

And the music in here is so good that you almost forget you’re dying. Almost. It’s the perfect distraction from the burning in your legs and the voice in your head screaming, “Please, no more!”

Here’s the kicker: I’ve never felt so strong. I mean, who knew Barre could actually transform you into such a stronger version of yourself? It’s tough, but it works. So, if you’re looking for a place to get fit and feel at home, Ignite is your spot.

Final Thoughts

Plymouth, MA, sports a diverse range of yoga studios that cater to every need and preference.

Whether you’re drawn to the intense heat of Hot Yoga 1620, the spacious and varied offerings at Studio Works Yoga & Pilates, the perfectly heated classes at Synergy Fitness and Wellness, the welcoming community at Studio Uplift, or the energetic and transformative sessions at Ignite Barre and Fitness Studio, there’s a perfect spot for everyone.

Each studio has its unique charm and dedicated instructors, ensuring a top-notch yoga experience. So, roll out your mat, explore these studios, and find your yoga haven in Plymouth. Namaste!