yoga + cancer - Info BlockCancer is hard. Yoga can help. 

Many of the practices of yoga can benefit those dealing with a cancer diagnosis. Meditation and breathing techniques can help reduce anxiety, and help manage the emotional ups and downs that accompany the journey of recovery. Gentle movement can help patients regain strength and a sense of empowerment after the physical trauma of treatment.

If you or someone you know has completed treatment and feels ready for some movement, we suggest they try one of the following classes:
Monday Yin Yoga Deep Stretch at 5:45pm
Tuesday Gentle Yoga + Meditation at 5:45pm
Wednesday Yin Yang Yoga at 12pm
Thursday Gentle Yoga + Meditation at 9:15am
Sunday Restore & Renew at 5:30pm

Emilie Amstutz, Owner of Borealis Community Yoga, has worked with several people at various stages of cancer treatment and post-treatment. Please email her here to find out about private instruction with Emilie or visit