Program leaders Emilie Amstutz and Veronica Wolff-Casey
Program leaders Emilie Amstutz and Veronica Wolff-Casey

So you want to become a yoga teacher?
Some of us want to teach yoga and Ayurveda to others. Practicing and teaching, however, are two very different things. During the Teacher Training program, you will discover what it takes to be an effective teacher. Learn from senior teachers with experience teaching to different populations, and fine-tune your teaching skills with lots of practice teaching. Understand the business of yoga and the many ways in which you can participate in the industry as a successful teacher. This five-month program is an additional 120 hours of training and is based on what you learned in the Immersion Program.

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In order to successfully complete the Teacher Training, you will need to attend all weekends of the Immersion and Teacher Training programs. Should you need to miss a portion or a whole weekend, you will need to make up the module with one of the teachers at their convenience at a rate of $150 per hour. Each weekend may need 1-3 hours of make-up time depending on how diligently the student is keeping up with the course. 

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For those of you interested in becoming yoga teachers, this Teacher Training program will prepare you to do just that. We have decided not to affiliate this program with the Yoga Alliance. “Yoga Alliance is a nonprofit 501(c)(6) membership professional and trade association.” It is a voluntary registry to recognize yoga teachers and schools whose training meets their designated standards. If you complete our program, you will have more than 290 hours of training, which exceeds the Yoga Alliance minimum standard 200-hour program. We applaud the Yoga Alliance’s efforts to advocate for the yoga community. However, the organization’s attempts to create standards for teachers and schools are noble, yet incomplete, and the Yoga Alliance has no oversight measures or jurisdiction to regulate the standards they require for membership. At this time, we feel that the use of their logo is not worth the $400 registration fee, plus annual fees of more than $400, simply to be considered part of their organization.

We are not alone in this decision. Many other yoga teachers and schools are choosing not to register with the Yoga Alliance simply because it's what everyone else is doing. 

You do not need to be part of the Yoga Alliance to be a successful yoga teacher. Just ask us.

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