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We do this through yoga and movement classes, meditation, workshops, community events, and travel retreats.

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Emilie (Amstutz) Reid
owner + yoga instructor


Emilie inspires her students to find extraordinary moments in everyday experiences by fully engaging with each other and the world around us. She sees yoga and meditation as tools to help us actively participate in our daily life—and that it’s so much better when we do it together. Community is the cornerstone of Emilie’s mission and in 2014, Emilie opened borealis community yoga in Medford, MA.

Emilie’s classes invite students to connect to each other and to the many aspects that live within us. Her highest priority is respect for the body and its magical make-up of physical and emotional energies that allow us to be in this human experience. She draws from a number of yoga styles including Kripalu, yin, and Yoga of Energy Flow. She credits her fellow teachers and students at Borealis, and her mentors Coby KozlowskiPriti Robyn RossLorin Roche, and Stephanie Marango as constant sources of inspiration. Connect with Emilie at and on Instagram @emilie_borealisyoga.

Linda Devincentis
yoga instructor + reiki healer


Linda DeVincentis has been practicing yoga for more than fifteen years. She is warm-hearted and approachable and brings that into her classes as well. Linda guides students through a practice filled with positive energy, a focus on breath, alignment and body awareness. She invites you to calm the pace of life, and connect with a deep sense of peace and joy.

Linda’s practice has expanded significantly through the teachings of several gifted instructors from diverse traditions including Yoga of Energy Flow, Iyengar, Kripalu, Pathways, Meridian Yoga, and Yoga Nidra and her teaching reflect this full palette of styles and techniques.

Connect with Linda at and on Instagram @lindadevincentis.

Christine Tresselt
yoga instructor + reiki healer


Christine’s joyful, inspirational approach is rooted in her deeply-held belief that yoga heals the body and mind.  Christine’s devotion to yoga as a therapeutic art has inspired her to pursue Reiki training in order to deepen her teaching and personal yoga practice. Her classes combine strength-building for physical fitness, which is inspired by Broga®, balanced with restorative poses and mindful meditation that calm and soothe the soul.

Connect with Christine at and on Instagram @christinetresseltyoga.

Veronica Wolff-Casey
yoga instructor + Ayurvedic yoga therapist


Veronica is passionate about helping people meet their true potential and has seen the effects that yoga and Ayurveda can have from more than 10 years of personal practice and teaching. Veronica leads a class that allows students to deepen their experience of life while finding a comfortable container in which to challenge themselves. 

She began teaching by implementing her own yoga program while deployed to Kyrgyzstan with the U.S. Air Force. Her teachers include Patricia Walden, Liz Owen, Daniel Orlansky, Leanne Leblanc and Annie Hoffman. Veronica is also a certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, having studied both at The Kripalu School of Ayurveda and in India. Find out more about Veronica and her Ayurvedic consultations at her website and on Instagram @wolffyogaayurveda.

Riley Kathleen
Thai yoga bodyworker + yoga instructor + studio assistant

Riley discovered her love for yoga and meditation in high school and started to practice regularly as a way to de-stress and calm her anxiety. It didn't take her long to understand the powerful effect the practice had on her health and well being. Pretty soon she began to cultivate a sense of self-love, personal growth, and healing.
Riley began studying Holistic Wellness, became a Thai Yoga Bodywork Practitioner, and completed Yoga Teacher Training. Her intention is to hold space for others to heal, feel supported, and discover their infinite potential. She strives to bring others together through building connection, compassion, and love for all sentient beings with various healing arts. She believes these are powerful tools for living and being together on this planet. Riley is also an accomplished photographer and enjoys taking pictures of National Parks and musicians. 
Connect with Riley at

Tim Griffin
yoga instructor


Tim's teaching emphasizes the primacy of breath, the cultivation of a moving meditative state, stability, enduring strength and function over form.  He considers sound, and silence, to be a key part of his classes as well as good humor for the tough bits.  He encourages his students to practice self-compassion while on the mat and a whole-hearted approach to living beyond it.

Tim's study of yoga started in the Ashtanga/Vinyasa tradition but soon widened to incorporate learning from many styles of meditation and movement.   He feels especially aligned with the traditions of Parayoga and Viniyoga.  Tim is certified E-RYT with well over 1000 hours of formal training in yoga, meditation, shamanism, mantra and other approaches to human movement and health.  He is also a personal trainer and health coach.  Tim continues his formal study in the ParaYoga tradition. 

Find him on Instagram @timgriffinyoga.

Sylvia Dilorenzo
yoga instructor + tai chi master


Sylvia has practiced yoga and meditation for over 40 years. Teaching since 2005, Sylvia owned her own studio in Fort Myers, FL before moving to Medford to spending more time chasing after her granddaughter.

Sylvia is passionate about getting everyone moving, no matter the age, and help students to cultivate more loving-kindness towards themselves. She draws her inspiration from the Kripalu Center, the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program, Duke University’s Integrative Medicine’s program for Senior Yoga, and Sara Meek’s Program on Osteoporosis for Health Professionals.

Visit Sylvia at

Josh Schmidt
yoga instructor + Reiki healer


Josh's teaching style asks that students channel their inner child, to cultivate curiosity in order to explore the sensations, feelings, and emotions that arise within their experience. Josh creates a welcoming space for students to feel as if they can be themselves, without reservations or the need to perform or act a certain way. When we accept our physical and mental state as they are, we remove our expectations of how we think they should be and can better listen to our bodies as they are.

Connect with Josh at and on Instagram @mindfulschmidt.

Loni Paul
yoga instructor


Loni's yoga practice has served her to overcome chronic pain, and with creativity and compassion, to return her body to a state of health and well-being. She brings this personal experience to my teaching of yoga—a blend of meditative, slow-flow, chakra (energy)-based practice with key elements of yin yoga—which is grounded in self-acceptance and a healthy dose of friendliness. Her goal is always to make the yoga practice accessible to all, with the intention of creating a safe, respected and yet adventurous space for her students to explore and celebrate their unique abilities and potential.

May you step off the mat feeling refreshed, restored and balanced. Loni's 200-hour Teacher Training with Nicole Grant and Maureen Miller and Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Josh Summers have shaped both her practice and her style of teaching. She is a Reiki Practitioner and currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Nutrition. Loni also creates handmade gemstone jewelry and mala necklaces.

Connect with Loni at and on Instagram @lonipaulyoga.

Kelley Hwang
yoga instructor


Kelley is passionate about bringing a calming balance between body and soul into the classes she teaches and she loves to lead active sequences that get both the breath and blood flowing. After more than 10 years as a dedicated gymnast, Kelley looked to yoga as a calmer form of exercise that still incorporated strength and flexibility.

In addition to her Yoga teacher training at Down Under Yoga, Kelley is a certified Standup Paddleboard Yoga teacher and offers SUP Yoga classes in the summertime with SUP Yo. Kelley loves how SUP Yoga helps bring out the fun in the yoga practice, as well as the healing powers for both body and mind that you get from the mat, whether on or off the water.

Find her on Instagram @kelleyhwang.

Karen DeTemple
yoga instructor


When Karen began practicing yoga in 1991, she was looking for relief from chronic back pain but was ultimately hooked by the freedom she experienced in both her mind and her body. Through both her yoga practice and non-profit work, her life mission is one of service. When Karen teaches, she strives to give her students the confidence to get deep into poses and the opportunity to open their bodies while finding some peace of mind on their mat. Her challenging slow flow classes, taught to contemporary music, are playful and woven with humor and Buddhist mindfulness.

In addition to teaching yoga, Karen continues to connect to her life of service through her work as a consultant building community in the art world. She is on the same path as her students by finding balance in life while being present and connecting with her breath, body, and mind.

Connect with Karen at and on Instagram @karen_detemple.

Greta Fiorina
yoga instructor


Greta began practicing yoga in 2001. She quickly discovered that a regular yoga brought a new sense of calm and steadiness to her life. With a background in education, and a passion for helping others, teaching yoga to adults and children, was a natural fit. Greta is a 200 RYT, and has completed certifications in YogaFit, Restorative yoga, SPA Yoga with Bette Riaz, a 200 Hour Vinyasa Teacher Training with David Magone, and Yoga and Mindfulness for Children Teacher Training with ChildLight Yoga.

She believes yoga has something to offer everyone, and encourages students to come to their mats to quiet their minds, reconnect with the power of breath, and move joyfully.

Connect with Greta at or on Instagram @gretafiorinayoga.

Geeta Jawaharani
yoga instructor

Geeta H Jawaharani

Geeta's classes are athletic and playful. She encourages students to explore as a way to gain deeper awareness of their own body. Geeta was introduced to yoga by her father when she was young. After letting life get busy, she reconnected with her practice and made it her own. She continues to practice because she wants to feel happy, healthy, and at peace. 

Megan Cunningham
yoga instructor

Megan Cunningham
Megan is a yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner. In her classes, she blends classical teachings with her own style. She focuses on encourages students open their hearts and minds to discover their own true nature beyond perceived boundaries. She loves to get creative with her music playlists for each class.
Yoga first attracted Megan as a means to cope with anxiety. She soon fell in love with the way she felt ease in her mind and was able to challenge her body with the physical practice, to become lighter, stronger, and more compassionate and aware. Megan completed her initial training at Yoga Moves in Stoneham, and teaches in the greater Boston area and suburbs.
Follow her on Instagram @mchammer_90.

Holly Cariddi
yoga instructor


Holly came to yoga out of a personal need to find space to slow down, ground, and make self-care a priority. Her journey through yoga has led her to teaching and through teaching to fulfill a desire to support others’ journey. Whatever reason brings you to yoga, Holly aims to create a supportive, welcoming space to connect with your body, mind, and spirit.

Connect with her on Instagram @hollycariddiyoga.

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