jumpstart 2020

Join us for a super special event Saturday January 4th. 9 members of the Borealis Team will be offering workshops to inspire your best year yet.

Choose from movement classes, meditation, strength, goal-setting and more! Challenge yourself to go deeper and set clear intentions for the new year. We're here to support you.

1 ticket = your choice of THREE (3) workshops

$55 / $44 for members - for the whole day!

Single workshop $30 / $24 for members *LIMITED NUMBER OF TICKETS AVAILABLE* 

Check out the schedule below and join us for the fun!

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7:30 am - Doors Open and Registration

8:00 - 9:00 am - Choose one (1) of the following:

- Best Part of Waking Up: Jumpstart Your Meditation w/Josh Schmidt

In a world of mindfulness buzzwords, you'll discover what meditation actually means and how to apply basic techniques of mantra, energy alignment, in order to jumpstart your own home practice. This workshop is directed towards those interested in starting a meditation practice as well as for those who use guided meditation apps (or have tried to use an app) but would like to become self-sufficient.

- My oh My! Myofascial Release for a Whole New Body w/Christine Tresselt

Feeling tight and not so flexible? Myofascial release is very effective at reducing muscular tension and soreness. Christine Tresselt begins this workshop with a brief overview of the function and role of fascia and then teaches some self-myofascial release techniques throughout the whole body using balls and blocks. You'll leave with some great self-care techniques to move a little better through the New Year!

- Stand up Straight: Yoga + Tai Chi for Better Posture w/Sylvia Dilorenzo

Improve your posture, strength, and balance with Yoga and Tai Chi. Learn some of the key elements and importance of good posture and balance. Start with a simple test to measure your relative strength and balance. Then learn how regular practice can promote better overall health, and prevent falling as you get older.

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9:30 - 11:00 am - plus one (1) of the following:

- New Year, New Habits: How Scraping Your Tongue Can Change Your Life w/Veronica Wolff-Casey

It can be as simple as changing one thing. Starting one new habit. And everything can change! In this workshop, we will explore the Ayurvedic concept of Dinacharya (daily routines), and how employing a few simple habits every day can lead to better overall health. This workshop is for everyone, regardless of your Ayurvedic Knowledge. Get a better understanding of the circadian rhythm, and how to finesse it to live your best life yet! All attendees will receive a tongue scraper and a cup of tri-doshic herbal tea.

- Crystal Clear Intentions: New Year's Intentions + Movement w/Linda Devincentis

Possibilities are limitless!!! Invest this time this New Year to clearly set your intentions. Harness your incredible creative potential and navigate toward your best life in 2020. Join Linda and use the energy of crystals, movement, meditation, and reflection to crystallize your intentions. Align with what matters to you and create a life of purpose and fulfillment.

In this workshop you will:
- Clear space for new beginnings
- Connect with your inner wisdom
- Gain clarity around your intentions and purpose
- Take home crystal quartz to focus & refocus your intentions
- Bring your dreams to life
All are welcome and encouraged!

- Yoga Play Lab: Advance your Asana w/Karen DeTemple

Start the New Year off by setting yoga pose goals and then spend time playing with your poses. Please come with a list of 1-3 goal poses that you would like to explore. Note: these don’t have to be advanced poses! The class will be interactive and playful. Be prepared to take your asana practice to the next level in 2020!

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11:30 - 1:00 pm - and one (1) of the following:

- Bring only your Valuables: 2020 Values + Goal-Setting w/Lisa DiMatteo

This workshop is for anyone who desires a new approach to the “New Year resolution.” Or who would like to get clear on what’s most important ‘right now’, while mapping this to your goals for 2020 and beyond!

Get clarity on what is most important to you in this moment of your life.

Create a menu of options (vs. a resolution!) to care for and invest in what’s most important to you in 2020.
Make a plan of action, with action steps to honor your core values and maybe even a big goal you’ve been stuck on.

- Start Strong: Yoga + Functional Strength w/Tim Griffin

Blend the worlds of Yoga + Fitness in a mindful mix that builds mental and physical strength, and body-mind awareness. Join us for a challenging, all-levels practice that will start you out strong for the New Year.

- Winter Wellness Challenge: Yoga, Food + Lifestyle w/ Emilie Reid

Grab on to the momentum that is the New Year and Challenge yourself to 12 weeks of wellness. Learn a simple and playful yoga sequence that you can do anywhere. Then experience and learn about food and lifestyle tips for the winter that will help you stay healthy and strong all season long. Take home a handout with the practice and a plan for your Winter Wellness.

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